Fragments of Switzerland

“You don’t pay, we forced you with us to have lunch so you don’t pay. After all we always share the check between us and it’s much easier to include yours as well.” One of the old men said after inviting us for a luxurious lunch in Martigny. They didn’t exactly force us though, we hadn’t eaten since breakfast many hours earlier and came with them more than willingly.

It was noon and the men had both red and white wine, and afterwards they said they would drive us all the way to Lausanne even though it was a detour for them. “When I saw you by the road I immediately went back 40 years in time. I used to hitchhike Everywhere!” I think it was the oldest man in the company who said it.

When approaching Lausanne there was an airshow with airplanes flying in formations. “It’s the Swiss army flying Swedish gripen” one of the men joked.

Suddenly the man next to the driver turned around in his seat and said with strong voice “This is The Lake of Geneva! And there is the Castle of Chiel.” The view was astonishing with the mountains behind the lake and the clouds reflected in the silver coloured water. A man was surfing on the waves behind a speedboat.
“Over there you can see Mont blanc and Chamonix” someone said and pointed at a point far behind the low clouds.


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