The tourists

Normally as I enter a town with tourists all around me, I get tingles in my whole body of discomfort and my legs wants to carry me far far away as quickly as possible.
But not here.

In Chamonix the tourists make up the whole town. They’re not annoying but enriching. Maybe because we’re all here for the same reason: trekking, running or biking in fabulous nature. I do feel the town would loose its soul without all these foreigners. Though it makes it one of the most difficult places to practise French in; lots of restaurants and other places has foreign staff and their mother tongue is English or even Swedish. But it does not change the fact that I will come back here to study.

This evening we went to an Italian restaurant where the staff actually was French, the waiter flirty (and I couldn’t help flirting back) and he would talk to me in French even though he knew English very well. Just because, not ’cause he was impolite. Thank you!

You’re never getting me out of this place without violence.
Tomorrow we will do paragliding over Chamonix.


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