Trekking in Chamonix

The valley far below my feet seemed like it was part of a dollhouse. The mountains around us gave me the feeling of swaying in the air.
We went up the first mountain with a cable car and bought the most expensive ice creams I’ve ever bought (3 euro for a solero!!). We’d already decided to walk across the pass off pist to the other peak and got started on the stony trail.

We had lunch in the moss with the view of the glacier and the mountains on the other side of Chamonix. Then the real trekking started. I thought my legs would hurt a lot more and that I would struggle with the stony path, but not at all. I felt both strong and totally recovered, finally! I could fully enjoy the view of the small villages down the valley and the peaks around us stretching up in the air.

There was a part of the trail which had to be climbed by ladder, and at one point there were two metal wires stuck to the mountain one had to hold onto not to fall.

We made it in less than two hours, and still had energy for another round, but instead we took the cable car back down and walked back to our hostel to study and do our homework.


At the start of our trek. It’s me up there!


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