Off we go!

I’m living ahead of my time, I will have another week of work before I head to Milano to meet Emma. But our preparations has started. Emma has bought a new backpack to get a good feeling for it before our trip in Africa starting in January. We have made a plan for where and when to hitch-hike on our way back home from Chamonix, this is what it looks like (though it might change as we get there):

Sunday (19th august): flight Copenhagen – Milano then hitch-hike Milano – Chamonix
Saturday (25th of august): Chamonix – Lausanne.
Sunday: Lausanne – Luzern – Zurich (lunch and afternoon in Luzern)
Monday: Zurich
Tuesday: Zurich – Freiburg
Wednesday: Freiburg – Bonn (dinner with my long missed Southafrican friend before she smuggle us into her room)
Thursday: Bonn
Friday: Bonn – Flensburg (it’s gonna be a long day…)
Saturday: Flensburg – Copenhagen (almost home!!!)
Sunday: home sweet home, and the travel abstinence will have a new beginning.


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