Clean conscience!

Today i got a text-message saying “the drivers licence has arrived – thank you so much!”
Here is the story behind the message:

When I arrived in Nouadhibou (in Maurtania) I met a Swedish man living in the small fishing-village. A month or so earlier he had met another Swedish girl living with her boyfriend in Senegal for a while. She had forgotten her drivers licence in his house, and since I was on my way to Senegal he asked me to bring it to her. “Make sure it gets to her, if you don’t meet in Senegal maybe you can meet in Sweden later. She stays in the east, it will be a nice trip there for you.” he said.
So I put a strangers drivers licence in my backpack.

Now, I never made it to Senegal in time. I sent her an e-mail, but we just missed each other. She was in the Gambia for another week before heading back to Sweden. My flight went to Zanzibar and with the licence in my bag I travelled through southern Africa, thinking about it every now and then wondering when I would have the opportunity to give it back. Was it a mistake to leave it in my hands?

I arrived back in Sweden, sent her another e-mail. She asked me to send it to her adress, but I was away without my bag and the little pink card was still in the small black pocket. Then, last week, I finally got the opportunity to take it out, walk to the post office and put it in the yellow box. Now it was up to the mail man to deliver it, but still I did not relax until today. When she sent me the confirmation – she once again has her drivers licence in her bag. The little pink card has spent some time on a table in Nouadhibou, then it has been through a long journey all the way to South Africa and back home. Sweet home.


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