Peace and Love! 3.

The girl in front of us was on his back and my friend turned to me, “can I ride on your back?” “No,” I said, “but can I ride your back?” She gave me a big smile and said “Sure thing!”
I jumped up onto her back, it was now late evening and she had had a couple of beers, and I came a big sidelong. I jumped once and she tried to get into a steady standing position. We failed.
I could feel us falling backwards, knowing I was the one taking the hit to the ground I bent forward, forcing her upper body to bend forward and we ended up in a smooth roll onto the asphalt. There the two of us lay on our backs, she on top of me, laughing like crazy. I saw my other friend taking photos of us, but I haven’t seen them yet.
After a moment we got up on our feet again and ran, hand in hand, to the concert. I don’t know which one, maybe Regina Spektor and maybe someone else. We didn’t stay during the whole one anyway but went to see something else.


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