Another day.

Another job. The strongest cite of today:

Coincidence could have harvested my life.

Said by a man who was abused some years ago, by the by a man was abused last night while handing out todays newspapers.
This morning I met three old men who are riding their motorbikes to a meeting in Poland next week. One of them will bring his wife. Bring his wife. She is not going with him, he is bringing her. She wasn’t a part of their trip, she wasn’t even there talking about it with them.

I am getting so angry at these things. We think we live in a modern society where women has the same rights as men, but still these stupid stereotypes thrives. It’s a motorbike thing, so it’s a man-thing. Who cares that a woman is coming with? Why should she have a say in the paper? She should have been standing there next to them. Final.


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