Peace and Love! 2.

The best thing about festivals are all those concerts you did not plan to see, and loved. Niki and the dove was one of those. Strangely I realized during the concert that I knew all of their songs, without ever listening to them. Somehow they’ve struck my path in life and when I saw them in real life I knew that I had found a new home of music in them. Now I just can’t stop listening to their songs. Though, every time I listen to them on spotify I realize they are ten times better live.

The main act of the festival was Rihanna. 45 minutes late and when finally on stage she was high as a hot air balloon. In a bad way. I guess she can sing, but it was just not good. Emma and I left the crowd and went to see the soundtrack of our lives instead; a concert with vibes, feeling, love, strangeness and dark energy.

The pottering booths were great therapy and we made a lot of beautiful creations, though there are photos of none. By the way, I only used my analog camera during the festival so I’m really excited to get the film developed and see what got caught on the roll.


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