Among the raukar.

We sat on the log, our feet dangling in the air, silent agreeing to not beat each other hard. The mattress seemed too far away and neither one of us wanted to fall down. We grabbed the pillows and started hitting each other, screaming whenever we felt we might lose balance and fall. Which was about the whole time.

I was in the Viking village on Gotland with my little brother and a bunch of very well longed for friends. We tried the old games and somehow I shot two arrows into the bushes, one of then never found its way back home again.
Gotland is, to me, the Swedish version of paradise. There is always something to do, whether it is beating your friends with pillows, looking for wild horses, wondering around Visby or having pick nick somewhere by the ocean between the ancient raukar… It’s always the best.

We did all of it plus got our skin tanned. It’s about enjoying the moment forgetting about all that’s unfair in this world. Next week it’s the peace and love festival. Then I’m going back to work.


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