The smiling police.

I was sitting behind Emma on her bike, singing ”I was riding through the city on my bike all day…” as we slowly rushed through the streets in Sundsvall, on our way to the university. Suddenly Emma braked, “There’s a police here! Quickly, get off!” I jumped off the bike and we walked side by side along the road. As the police officer came up close she smiled a little towards us, but said nothing. We gave her a shy glance and looked at each other, knowing we had done something illegal. I’m really back in Sweden, we respect the police here! I thought for myself. Thirty meters later we got back onto the bike.

The past days we’ve spent like that, in cute summer dresses biking in the city with me on the back singing and Emma working up her muscles. The sun has been shining and everyday has been just perfect.
Saturday 27th of May was the day when Loreen brought Sweden the first place in the final of Eurovision Song Contest, and next year we will host that huge game. We couldn’t help ourselves from screaming out loud (very loud) every time we got ten or twelwe points. It was also the day when Sundsvall got invaded by hundreds of awesome motorbikes, and it was my last day in the city, tomorrow morning I will start travelling south again towards my dear friends in Stockholm. The capital of Sweden.


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