The fourth note.

There was a moment at the hospital when I promised myself never ever to return to Africa again. I knew as I thought it that it wasn’t true, that as soon as I’m well again I will want to go back. (Now remember, South Africa isn’t Africa, that country was never involved in those thoughts) It was very true, a week later I longed for Malawi again and my friend and I are already planning our trip to Mauritania next year.

Every morning at twenty past five the woman from the kitchen would turn on the lights in my room and ask “coffee or tea?” I wanted to tell her ‘sleep’ but said “tea” instead. She gave me rooibos and a cup with what I thought was milk. The first morning I put some in the tea but it tasted to strange that the second morning I decided to drink the milk separately. As the white liquid filled my mouth and got swallowed I could feel the thick taste of cream filling every taste-bud. That’s why the tea was so strange, the cup was filled with pure cream and now so was I. It’s a moment that I will remember for a long time, and something I will tell my grankids one day.

The hospital bill did not end at 17 000 rand as I thought, my insurance company just sent me a reminder to show proof that I was really there and that I was really being treated. Apparently the bill ended on 41 148 Rand, and they are not too keen on paying it without being entirely sure that it’s actually true. I must say I owe my mother a big thank you, I would never have paid for a travel insurance because it is just a big waste of money. From now on, I will always add those extra kronor because I do not want to end up dying because I can’t pay the hospital.

That week at the hospital I lost 6 kg, it’s comparable to my friend who lost 10 kg while walking that long Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. But while he was working up his muscles, my whole body was weakened. So from this week, the exercise has once again started. Though the gym changed their schedule, so when we came to do our yoga session today we found out they only to yoga once a week from now; Wednesdays. “Because people always start to exercise outside when the summer comes,” they said. But why remove three days of yoga because people start running outside? Yes, I am upset about it.


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