Recognizable mumbling

I am used to hearing all this mumble in a language that I do not understand. Suddenly, all this mumble is in Swedish and i understand every word. It’s a feeling I can not get used to. And still when I see a sign with Swedish text on it, I want to scream out loud “hey! That is My language!”.
I arrived in Sweden three days ago, after a very long flight from Johannesburg. The first eight hours were ok, I listened to music, watched movies and talked to the Swedish air hostess who gave me that goodie bag. The next flight was worse. When the screen showed three more hours until landing I woke up the guy next to me and went to the bathroom. When I came back he was still awake, so why not keep from falling back asleep? I thought and asked if he had been staying in Abu Dhabi or just connected from another flight like me.
It turned out he’s from Australia and we had a really good chat for the last hours, and arriving at Heathrow the que to the immigration was the shortest ever and it just took a couple of minutes to get through.

The first thing I did in Sweden was to visit my old friend and her family, and my God-daughter. She has grown so much and she talked like a maniac, though only a very few words were understandable. The rest was like “blablagobla”. We had a lot of fun playing and hugging. Yesterday I arrived in Sundsvall again and realized as I sat on the train that I have really gotten used to this. Eight hours seemed like nothing compared to the trips in Africa, seventeen hours on a bus there, eleven hours there, three days there… anyway now I am with my old girlfriends again and life is amazing. Emma and I spent the whole day shopping for the perfect outfit for their photo exhibition on the 31st of may in Stockholm, where I will go next. When to see my family? I don’t know, I am still living with the same backpack, the same clothes and the same things as in January, though the surroundings has changed drastically from five days ago.


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