Like a celebrity

As we I stepped off the bus the taxi drivers, guides, sellers and other people all surrounded me, screaming, pushing, pulling, shouting… “where are you going? I take you anywhere!” “Come with me!” “Let me show you Lusaka!” “Taxi!?” “Come here ma’am!” and I got the feeling of being a celebrity, though the cameras had changed into taxis and whatever they have to offer.

It takes a while to get used to, and I totally lost my temper as a man in Lusaka told my friend that I was his wife. It was after that sixteen hour bus ride, low blood sugar, low energy level and all that suppressed annoyance suddenly escaped over my inner wall of patience and calmness. The men around us got the seriousness and urged him away. The next morning as we came back to catch the bus to Livingstone, I went to look for breakfast at the market while my friends got the bus tickets when I heard a voice in front of me. “You came back!” I ran. Or walked very hurriedly, sneaking in between some tables and behind a wall, shaking him off me. Why? I asked myself. Why does he have to be so … like that? I am not interested in talking to him.

Be prepared if you plan on traveling Africa and you are a foreigner to this continent. There will be a lot of hassle and people will be stubborn and uncaring about you. But, there will be even more people showing you love and true friendship. And saying no firmly will often get you more respect


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