Missing a flight.

I knew it would happen sooner or later, but I never thought it would be with 24 hours. “I can’t find your name m’am. Are you sure you are on this flight?” the man behind the counter asked me as I tried to check in at the air port. “Yes, I’m sure.” I said. He asked to see my ticket, and then told me “ma’am, you were on the flight that left yesterday.” Was that destiny giving a hint that I should stay in SA? Or was it just my feeling that I Will miss a flight this spring that came true? Anyway they re-booked my ticket, paid a crazy fee and I left the same evening.

The flight wasn’t too bad, but still I couldn’t sleep. I listened to music, watched downton abbey, a week with marilyn, more music… the girl next to me was going to Thailand, she slept in the chair lying like a ball during almost the whole flight.
I was going to Abu Dhabi to change flight, and when we had an hour left of flying one of the flight attendants came up to me. “Are you Swedish?” he asked. “I went through the passenger list, and your name, it has to be Swedish so I thought I’d better get here and say hi.” We talked for a while, and he asked if I wanted a bottle of water. Five minutes later he came back with a bag filled with nice chocolate, water, crisps and cookies. All from business class. What can I say? Sometimes it pays to be Swedish. “You have a long flight ahead of you, you’ll need it.” he said as we said good bye. Thank you Mathias!

Now I’m in London, haven’t slept for 32 hours and keep thinking I must stay awake until the evening, otherwise I’ll never sleep tonight. Tomorrow I am arriving in Sweden after four months in Africa. Home sweet home. Right?


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