Tip of Africa.

It should have been that overwhelming feeling of being on the edge of the world, and I could feel it. It was dangeling in the air, I just could not grab it. My head was still dizzy from the lack of patassium (as my doctor put it) and possibly the medicines and the malaria still lingering inside of me. This was my first day out of hospital, we had driven all the way down from Bloemfontein to the most southern tip of Africa. We couldn’t get any further, that was it.

And I could feel it, somewhere inside of me. Trembeling. The sun had already set, the light house spread its white light around us, lightening up white strokes of the sea and the cliffs I could not climb onto, spinning around in the air. The stars and the thin slice of moon were all over us. The ocean gently threw its waves towards the shore and I breathed in. I could only take small breaths still, and not even the fresh air made me feel any better.

I had to leave, go back to the car, but how? I stumbled up onto the road again and Alex lit his torch, lightening up the steps in front of me. We spent the night at the Art Guest house, a really fancy place and thanks to us coming very late, and leaving very early, the owner gave us a good discount on the room that exceeded our budget just a little bit. Thank you so much for that, looking for another guest house at that hour would have been a horror story.


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