Taste the forest

It was like expecting it to be a mud bath, but all you got was dirt and soil. I chewed slowly, looked at my friend. Or was it like a mud bath that had dried up really long ago? The chocolate melted in the mouth while chewed, and after contemplating whether it was a pleasant taste or not we took a bite of the next piece.

We had just been to wine tasting at a local wine yard outside Cape Town (or, my friend tasted, my medicine doesn’t allow me alcohol yet) and some really good cheese when we passed the chocolate place. We got five pieces of their locally made chocolate, and I was hanging out with an expert. I decided the dirt-mud-piece was not too pleasant, and rather liked the one that tasted like walking really deep into a pine forest. Don’t stop until you feel the thick taste of ground, mushrooms, moss and pines, then dive into a birch forest and you have my piece of chocolate.

The farms were all big and with grand lawns and views over the lushy green hills and mountains in the back. We drove through the captonian landscape with plantations with grapes stretching as far as we could see (which wasn’t too far, the mountains blocked our view) all the way to the penguins. Cute black and white little creatures that walked as if they were expecting to slide down an iceblock at any time. Super-cute, and super-smelly. Because no, it wasn’t a very pleasant walk along the planks in the greenery. Penguins could learn something about sanitation, but it doesn’t change the fact that they were cute to bits and pieces.

Today we landed in Johannesburg again, I’m staying for two weeks while my friend leave next week already.


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