South or North?

“You have to prove that you’re from South Korea.” the officer told my friend. We were obtaining out visas at the border from Zimbabwe to South Africa, and they didn’t believe him. “If you’re from North you pay, if you’re from South you don’t. We need to know that you really are from South Korea.” Alex looked through his passport, no where did it state he was actually from the south, why should it? It already stated their official name.

I waitied with him for a long while, then I sneaked out to the bathrooms and walked to check that the bus was still waiting for us. As I started walking back into the authority-controlled area I suddenly remembered what was in my bag. The big knife I bought in Dar Es Salaam to cut the avos, and that small bag of white moringa powder I bought in the charity shop in Bulawayo.
I looked at the police men and their guns. No, I’d better stay with the bus.

It took about half an hour, then Alex came out with passport in his hand, he got the stamp and we can go on. But that’s a note for you travelling from south Korean, carry some sort of proof with you that you’re from the South. Because the people at the immigration are not That educated. And remember to keep your knife and possible powders in some other bag than your hand bag, because it might be a bad idea.


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