African Corruption

Chinese people can’t get convicted, because they pay the right people. If you have a successful company, the government takes it. It’s not all fair to say it’s African corruption, but it is Zimbabwean corruption.

The stories has been many the few days we’ve been here. If you have a successful company he government will, with support from the law, take 51% of it. If you get stopped for speeding you pay 10 dollars, to the police man. It goes on and on, the people get nothing and he government gets all it can take. The roads hasn’t got new asphalt for 20 years, now a Southafrican company has permission to renew some of the roads by telling the company that the government doesn’t have to pay anything, it’s all paid by tolls.
But even when someone wants to do something the ministers say, “what’s in it for me?” and if you say it’s for the peoples good, the minister will say “no, denied.”

Fucked up government? It surely is an interesting country.


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