the Country of three currencies

I paid with an American dollar, got two Southafrican rand and a Botswana pula in change. I walked out the shop and looked at the coins in my hand. The day after I was supposed to pay six rand for some fruit, I gave the woman a dollar and got two rand in return. “How does that work out?” I asked. “One dollar is eight rand,” I was told. Gosh, people here has a brain for maths. Using three currencies at once, luckily they are all some what stabile.

Gone are the days when you needed a suitcase of money to buy a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe, now the whole country legally uses American dollars. A currency that close-by Malawi are lacking and in a really big need of to get fuel into the country.

I’m amazed every day in this country, how we pay with one currency and get another one back. “It’s normal to us now, a lot more normal than the old local currency,” our host told us yesterday. Alex bought some 500 000 000 dollar notes in the Vic Falls, and I believe the highest note is fifteen trillion.


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