I’ve got worms under my skin.

Well ok they’re just eggs right now, but within two weeks they will hatch and small worms are going to crawl under my skin. My diving-buddie showed me his little toe, he had a worm crawling in there and almost cut off half his toe in despertion to kill it. He didn’t know where he got it from.

Today I went for dinner with two friends, after finishing a great meal (pizza in one of Malawis top restaurants, a fantastic contrast to the dinner the other day) we suddenly started talking about Lake Malawi. “Did you swim in it?” someone asked. “Yes, lots of times! It’s amazing, isn’t it? I went diving also, it was fantastic!” I said. “Do you have the tablets?” D asked. I didn’t understand what he meant. “What tablets?” “Well you have to take tablets after swimming in the Lake, there’s a parasite living in there that gets inside your body. It’s eggs get inside you if you have wounds” (which I had lots of) “and in six weeks time they will hatch and crawl under your skin.”

Tomorrow I will buy tablets as soon as we get to Lusaka, and pray that it’s not too bad. Anyway it was worth it, diving in the lake was fantastic. Over a thousand species of fishes live in that lake that you can find nowhere else in the world. Plus there was a sunken boat and a car pulled there buy the former owner of the dive center.


3 thoughts on “I’ve got worms under my skin.

  1. Vi läste om dem maskarna när jag läste humanekologi! Om det är samma så kan de bli väldigt långa och man ska inte försöka riva bort dem själv, då dör masken och man själv kan bli allvarligt sjuk. Det finns tekniker för att få ut dem (man får långsamt rulla ut masken…) men du ska nog prata med någon läkare där som kan dem!

    • Haha jag blir sa mycket lugnare… jag har tabletter som ska doda maskarna nar de klackts, o sa sticker jag till doktorn sa fort jag ar hemma igen. Jag traffade en man som fatt en mask i lilltan, dodade den sjalv och sen levde den upp igen.. han karvade bort nastan halva tilltan for att fa bort den! 😮

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