With a glowing heart

I was at the back of the buckie when we suddenly braked. I looked in front of us and there was a baboon running across the road. Yes, I’m still in Africa. It’s good to be reminded once in a while.

At the bus-stop I decided to hitch-hike and ended up in the buckie. Since there is no petrol in the whole country the streets are nearly empty, and as the bus to Lilongwe came up behind us the driver stopped it and I got onto that one instead. At least I would know that I would get there.

Everyday my heart is filled with a happiness I have been longing for. A happiness that I hope is spreading to my travel companions as well, because now I have two of them. A guy from Korea; A, and a girl from Australia; K. A is still at the place where I left him this morning, by the beach finishing his scuba diving certificate, and he’s joining us tomorrow.

As I walked to the bus-stop this morning I strode through the cornfields. It was around six in the morning and already people were out in the fields working, some even bringing some harvest into the village. Two kids were filling buckets with water at the manual water pump, and life was fantastic. I thought that I have really gotten used to this as I remembered, I am on my way to leave Malawi now. Tomorrow is my last day here, and I will spend it with K in Lilongwe.

There is too much to say about Malawi, but I will have to do it another time. The internet here is way too expensive. Just as everything else. On monday is my 24th birthday, I will spend it by the Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, and it’s gonna be an exhilarating one.


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