Malawi – first impression

I walked down to the water, greeted the women planting rice and played with the kids. They all shouted “picture! Picture!” and we had lots of photos taken, finally! People here love cameras, not like in Tanzania where most people became angry when I asked if I could take a photo of them. I exchanged addresses with a 16 year old girl who is now my pen-pal and she took me around Karonga to meet all her family and friends. And we had more pictures taken.

Around the houses are plantations with corn and everywhere where it’s water there is a rice-plantation. The great Lake Malawi stretches far with glimmering water and on the other side the great mountains of Tanzania head up majestically. As the sun sets only the shade of the mountains are visible and I wonder if they are really there, or is it a game my mind is playing with me?

The waves of the lake are giant, as if it’s and ocean. I keep asking the people if they want to join for a swim in the sea, they look strangely at me. “We have no sea here.” Oh, right, “I mean the lake.. but it’s really like a sea.”

Karonga is a really nice little town. The market is not too busy and the people all really friendly. Everywhere are bike-taxis and for a small coin they take you anywhere with a speed that makes my heart jump. Before I sit up I check the bikers’ legs and arms for bruises and scratches. If they are clean, I get up and relax during the ride.
I would have loved to stay there longer, but after one and a half day I headed south. To the mountains.


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