The coolness of Mbeya

As I was on the bus and the sun started to set people crept inside their blankets, saying it was way too cold. I felt for the first time in long that this is my temperature.
The air is much cooler here than in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. As I hugged my friend P good bye last sunday it was as if both of us just came from the ocean, both skin and clothes soaking in vapour. In Dar Es Salaam my forehead was always blank and wet with moisture.

Here, in Mbeya, it’s cool. But not too cool. We’re on a really high altitude, I think my host told me today we’re about 1400 meters or something above sea level. The air feels clear and I enjoy every bit of it. Tomorrow morning we will climb the mountain almost next to the house and watch the sunrise. Seriously, I can’t wait.


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