My first breakdown.

The bus had a big breakdown and there was no talking about any substitution-bus, instead the driver ordered spare parts from Dar Es Salaam. We stole drinks had a nice time while waiting to get going again.

The trip here was much more comfortable than I had expected. It took seventeen hours from Dar Es Salaam, it wasn’t especially hot and the seats were ok. The bus wasn’t even full so we could all have two seats each to stretch out on.

Eight kilometers outside Dar the bus came to an abrupt halt. The engine had had a big break down. We sat in the shade by the side of the road waiting as one of the passengers who sat next to me on the bus said “we really deserve those drinks they keep in the front.” where upon we sat inside the bus and stole a drink each. It was a nice mini picnic in the bus.

Two hours later they had fixed the bus, without the spare parts we were waiting for from Dar. The driver felt sorry for us and gave everyone a soda each, and muffins. A couple of kilometers later two trucks, smashed in their fronts, were standing half in the ditch half on the road. A couple kilometers after that another truck stood, burning as if the whole world would depend on the fire.
I decided it was better to shut my eyes and sleep through the trip.

Some hours later someone rubbed my shoulder, “wake up! Wake up!” I was ripped out of my dreams and looked around my self. “We’re in a nature reserve now, wake up. You can see giraffes, elephants… all sorts of animals.” I sat up, gazed out the window, and there they were. It started with two giraffes grazing on the leaves of a tree. Then a big white bird. Suddenly, there were rhinos, zebras, impalas and a herd of elepahants. We saw buffalos and I don#t remember what. It was awesome. As on a safari, but it was an ordinary ride on an ordinary bus.


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