I have already been here for six days, and I don’t really know what I have been up to. Taking it very easy, trying to adjust myself to this new culture. I knew it would be very different from where I just came from, but I never figured it would take this long to get used to it. Sure there are still some goats here and there, and sand of course since the beach is never far away.

But there is almost no garbage. There are no donkeys. There are not so many small local restaurants and of the ones I’ve found everyone serve more than two dishes. One even had falafel!
And the tourists. There are so many tourists here! Where ever we go there is someone speaking Swedish and the people are very much aware of what tourists can be used for. Yes, used for. Even though people say “welcome welcome” everywhere, I do not feel welcome. There are too many people trying to hassle me because I am a tourist (how I dislike that word) and it was somehow much easier to take the hassle in Mauritania. It wasn’t as intense and it wasn’t because I was a tourist, but because I was white. People there didn’t ask me what hotel I was staying at but what I was doing for a job in Mauritania. They were surprised (!) when I said I was there as a tourist. Here everyone assume I stay at a fancy hotel and have a lot of money to spend on souvenirs and I don’t know what.

No thank you.

Apart from that, Zanzibar is pretty cool. My friend and I have started a course in scuba diving and we might get our open water certificates today. It’s pretty awesome and today is the first day when I actually feel I am here and start feeling comfortable in this new environment. Despite the tourists, I am getting used to them as well.


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