Visa for 20 000

Today I got my Mauritanian visa extended. It used to cost 5 000 ouguiya, but now they have changed it to 20 000 (!) ouguiya (about 48 euro). It bothers me, because I could have got it for free if only I had crossed “three months” instead of “one month” in Rabat. Stupid mistake to blame stupid ass.

This country never seizes to fascinate me. If you know the right people, anything is possible. If you are white, you pay double. That’s why Mauritanians (almost) always run our errands to the market, to buy oranges or whatever. I who don’t speak French always have a hassle to get stuff ‘cause I suck at bargaining when I don’t understand what they say. And they don’t understand what I say.

Anyway. My French is improving and my friend A told me today that he will practice with me every day for my last two weeks, so I will speak French just in time for when I leave to English Africa. Perfect.


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