Every bone in my body was hurting, my stomach was really angry with me, my chest was grumpy, I thought my headache would kill me, my skin was hot like burning coal and I was freezing. What is going on? I thought for myself.
The last time I can remember freezing like this, shaking as if I had an earthquake inside of me, was when I had broken my shoulder. I concentrated and felt through my whole body, moving every limb that’s possible to move. No, nothing was broken as far as I could sense.

What vaccines don’t I have? Rabies. No, can’t be that. The one I never can remember the name of? No, I don’t think it’s like this. Malaria? I quit taking my tablets two weeks ago because they made me very depressed.
“If it doesn’t get better until tonight then you must see a doctor, it might be malaria.” My host told me the next day. I had a Diarrhea the whole day and when I wasn’t on the toilet I was asleep. But, in the evening it got better. Her husband made me a fruit salad and I believe the oranges made the big difference. Energy and vitamins. I slept through the whole night, and now, four days later, I am much better.

Malaria or not, I don’t know. But I can stand up again without my legs shaking, threatening to collapse with every step I take. Something I ate? Might be.

The nights in Mauritania are really dark. There’s not really any lights outside so as the lights inside are switched off during night everything is pitch black. As I woke up last night I hardly knew what was up and what was down. Anyway, I’m in Nouakchott and soon I will have strength to get to know this city.


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