The city of sand, goats and donkeys?

I’m in Nouadhibou! This small town between the desert and the sea, filled with sand, in Mauritania. I actually like it. There’s really nothing here but a bunch of people, goats, cars, fish and some donkeys. This afternoon I’ve been hanging out with a bunch of Chinese people at the camping who doesn’t speak English, we were playing cards (but I know neither the rules nor what they say) and it’s pretty awesome.

The city is calm and the people here are very nice. They are always willing to help and I am so happy I went here. I still don’t know why I’m here though, but I’m happy I am.

I hitch-hiked here yesterday from Dakhla across the border (managed to get inside the country even though my visa isn’t valid until today), most of the way with a man from Holland. He introduced me to a Swedish (!) man living in Nouadhibou, who’s been showing me around and today he tried to call me but the sound was off so I didn’t hear my phone ringing, though I accidentally answered when it was in my pocket. All he could hear was some water running and then I didn’t answer again. As I noticed the calls I called him back and he said “I got worried about you, I mean I know that you are an experienced traveler even though your organizational skills aren’t at the same high level as an old librarians, but sure I know you can take care of yourself. But still, I got worried, it’s so nice now when you’ve called back. Thank you!” Experienced and always unorganized, me in a nutshell.

I will probably leave for Atar tomorrow already, though I’m thinking about spending another day in Nouadhibou.


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