Peace memorial in Dakhla

The military presence in this city is astonishing. And yet life continues just like nothing in this occupied city, that should be the capital of Western Sahara. How ironic. In the middle of one of the squares is a memorial stone of the peace in world, wishing there was no war.

But yet it’s a pretty town. It’s very small compared to Tangier, Marrakesh, Agadir, Casablanca and Rabat but yet there is a lot of life at evening time. The sun is just about to set behind the great sand dunes and the view over the ocean is amazing. Everything smell like fish and there’s not really anything to actually do. Apart from strolling down by the ocean and around the town.

It’s peaceful, yet the military men with their guns pointing towards the sky makes me a little nervous as I cross the main road, carrying my sound recorder. I’m taking it very easy. Asked some people about the military yesterday, the answers I got was “yes there’s always a lot of military here, I don’t know why though…”. I do. Western Sahara is occupied land. Let go of it and the military will be gone. Could it be that easy?


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