I’ve got a camel-buddy!

I have been thinking so much more than I’ve written. I don’t know what I’ve been thinking of, mainly memories I suppose. And what is to come. What is here? All this sand. It’s all. The sand.

I now dream of having my own donkey and carriage, going through the city. My donkeys’ name would be Albert or Flexi and we would be very happy together. Every evening I would scratch him behind his ears and we would laugh together. He would have a very donkey-like laugh and it would make us laugh even more.

It’s a strange dream I guess, but all men here with their donkeys seem so happy and pleased with life. I think I would also be very happy and pleased with life if I shared it with a donkey. Or a camel. The camels are the hippies of the desert, they are so cool I love them to bits and pieces. They always smile and no matter what they are always the coolest. I made real good friends with a camel the other day, a bunch were standing by the road as reindeers do in north Sweden. I stopped the car (‘cause yes, I was driving it!) and we got outside to the camels. I walked up to one of them standing by the ocean. As I came up to him he turned around, looked at me with his big eyes and smiled that camel-smile. I took a photo of him, and he followed me while I walked along the ocean. I stopped and he came up by my side, continued walking pass me. M came up to us and took a photo of the camel and I, me standing with my hands in the pockets looking a little nervous but still relaxed, the camel just as cool as always. Why can’t I be that cool all the time? Just relaxed with whatever is going on and not jittery and bouncing.

Anyway. The desert does strange things to the brain and it makes me think a lot. Of all and of nothing.


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