Observations – driving through the desert

A man outside the hotel in Safi spoke Polish and English, has been to Stockholm and saw the Swedish king as he visited Safi a few years ago. Or maybe it was twenty years ago. Suddenly, M turned around and said “heey, I know you! I remember you, yes I remember you!” The man took a step back, starred at M. As our driver went to the car to take some stuff the man asked me “who is this man? Where did we meet? In Stockholm maybe?” “I don’t know”, I said. “I think you met here.”

An old man is riding his donkey, behind him in a rope a camel is walking. Over his hump there there are two big bags, stuffed with tools, a mat and branches.
Some sheep are grazing between the cactuses, a lamb suckles.
In the villages cars, men, trucks, horses and donkeys all share the roads. A young guy suddenly runs out in front of the car, crossing the street. It’s like this all the time.

Olives are harvested, pressed and in the oil potato, fish and all sorts of food is cooked. In a moment the flat landscape has turned into hills, mountains and valleys.

As we passed Tiznit a sign told us we have 1900 kilometers until Nouakchott. Suddenly it felt very good knowing I will have a few days rest in Dakhla before heading across the border. In Guelmim, as we stopped by a traffic light, our driver turned around. “I know this man! It’s him, the one I was telling you about!” This is awesome. We had tea with the man, who spoke very good german, and he tried to sell us tea. “In Mauretania you will give one bag of tea for a whole fill with petrol”, he said. It’s not true, our driver told us later. He opened the trunk and sold the man some shoes that he got from his sister. His whole trunk is full with them.

As the sand dunes stretch far beyond our sight, I feel so small. It gives a perspective on life, what do we live for? All this sand. It’s everywhere, but to the right. There is the ocean. The Atlantic ocean. Water stretching all the way to South America. It’s so powerful, I wonder what is happening. The desert does strange things to the brain I suppose. Makes me think. What is this?


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