My pillow.

I really miss my pillow. It has been my most trust worthy companion through all my travels the past eight years. Then all of a sudden it decided to leave me, at Gatwick airport. If at least it had warned me, then I would have clinched to it tightly, never letting go.

If you see it, please keep it with you and let me know. I will come wherever in the world you are. The pillow used to be white, now it’s just dirty, with text in the one corner saying “vi älskar dig” (“we love you” in Swedish) and there are two straps sown on to it which I use to tie it to my bag.
My grandmother made me the pillow case and my aunt wrote the text just before I was leaving Sweden for my first big trip in life, South Africa for one year as a sixteen years old girl from the Swedish countryside. A big step for me, that changed my way in life. And the pillow means A lot to me.

Please spread the word and help me find The Pillow. I will be forever thankful for every effort.


One thought on “My pillow.

  1. Jag tycker så synd om dig, vet att denna kudde betyder mycket för dig, jag hoppas att den på något konstgt sätt kommer till dig igen.. den betyder så mycket för oss alla, Ditt största kliv ut i livet, o jag visste att längtade du hem så kunde du krama o sniffa på kudden 😦 Vi Älskar dig 🙂

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