Lessons learnt. So far.

1. Always plan for more days than planned.
I was supposed to go to Casablanca/Rabat for just 24 hours to get my visa and then head back to Agadir. That’s why I left my bag with my host in Agadir, only bringing a daypack. Now I’ve already spent three days travelling, one day to get to Casablanca, the next one to the embassy in Rabat and today applying for my visa and learning that I can’t get it until Monday. Today is Friday. Which means my 24 hours suddenly turned into six days.

2. Always keep a pair of extra underwear in your daypack.
It’s something that I knew before, but didn’t Learn until now. I did bring my sleeping-shorts, which means I was able to wash my undies after my shower (the first one for a week) and let them dry over night.

3. Always bring a towel.
This I did. Oh well, not really a towel. But a facecloth. It’s enough to dry myself with, and it doesn’t take up much space in the bag. It dries quickly as well.

4. Soap.
The guy in the reception was kind enough to let me use his shampoo, (my friend thinks I’m flirting with him and that’s why I got both the room cheaper than supposed to And the shampoo). Smiles can take you miles. But without soap you might smell pretty bad after a couple of days, and the smiles might not do as good as if you’re clean.

5. Passport-copy.
This I did have. Not by purpose though, but I did happen to have one in my daypack. At the hotel they wanted my passport-number, and my passport was at the embassy waiting to get stamped with a visa. As I left Agadir I brought two copies, in case I would loose one (but they were folded together so if I’d lost one I would have lost both… smart hey?).

6. Head.
It’s not just good to bring, it’s good to use also. The other day my new friends said “remember never to leave your computer anywhere, always keep it with you”. But as my friend asked to carry it for me as we went looking for a taxi I said ok. We ended up hitch-hiking and she forgot the computer in the backseat of the car. I did get it back, but it took the whole day and now I am one lesson wiser.

7. Trust people.
I can’t say this too many times: there are too many good people in this world to be afraid of strangers. It’s not a lesson I’ve learnt, but I lesson I want you to learn if you haven’t already. The lesson I’ve learnt is rather sometimes it’s good to trust yourself more than others.


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