Arriving in Agadir

I’ve been to Morocco before, at that time they didn’t ask me where I would be staying or anything. But this time they wouldn’t let me in without knowing the exact address and ID-number of the people I was staying with, And the person who would take me into the city.

I was hanging out with my friend Jonas in London, went to the jittery Camden which exceeded all I expected, I decided cucumber is my new licorice (what a combination that must be!) and after a couple of hours of sleep I went to Agadir.

After the cold of north Europe the heat, beach and sea was far more than welcome. Though Morocco hardly wanted me to come in, at the border the police man said “oh this is not gonna be easy…” as I couldn’t tell him where I would be staying. Not until he got the ID-number of the one I was staying with And the one who brought me into town he was happy to let me pass through.
It was thanks to Adil that it worked out. I sat next to him on the airplane, and he helped me through it all, translating and talking with the man. He gave me a ride into town and his parents invited me for lunch, they made vegetables just for me since I don’t eat meat. I am so grateful and I hope that I will be able to return the kindness if Adil, who lives just outside London with his wife, and his family comes to visit Sweden sometime.

The beach here is much quieter than in Asilah, where I was during my last trip to Morocco. There’s a lot more western tourists here too (in Asilah I was the only one as far as I could see) and many old people. A boy is jogging down the beach with his dog while the ocean splashes water over his legs, the dog’s fur is shining from silver salt-water drops. There is actually girls at this beach, and they are even walking around in bikinis, something I didn’t see at all in Asilah.

I am staying with a couch surfer who (very easily) talked me into the idea of going to Legzira over the weekend to surf. But first, I have to visit Casablanca to get my visa for Mauritania.

And hey, if you’ve ever played scattegories, you know exactly how much fun we had this evening!


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