Scotland – Beyond the traps 2

We hitch-hiked to Glasgow, the driver telling us that there used to live a million people there. “In the 60:s they closed all coal mines, and half the population moved out to find luck somewhere else,” he said with that beautiful scottish accent.
Thereafter we almost expected to arrive in a ghost-city.

But Glasgow was far from empty. We stayed at Giovanna’s place, we met her outside the university and went to one of the best cafés I’ve ever been to. I don’t know what it’s called, and it was pretty hard to find for someone not living there. But inside there were books, games, couches, a fireplace… it looked more like someones’ messy living room than a café and the kitchen was more like at home.

The food was amazing. Vegan, vegan and vegan. Ok there might have been something else too, I didn’t look, but they had a lot of vegan. Emma and I ordered a plate with four small dishes that ranged from lebanese and indian to bread and falafel. They had more than a hundred different flavors of tea (I might exaggerate a little), all from white tea with raspberries to iranian with odd spices.

Giovanna took us to another vegan restaurant for dinner, it was called 79 or something similar. They played some great reggae and only served one choice of appetizer, main meal and desert. All vegan and all perfect.

If it’s bad that people smoke all different weird stuff, then that’s the only bad thing I’ve got so say about Glasgow. And Edinburgh too for that matter.

Our last day before returning to Sweden Giovanna took us to some of the best vintage shops in town, Emma going more crazy then me I guess. I wish I could tell you all where we went, but the shops were hidden in dark and narrow alleys with no visible names. All in the area called Hillhead, by the university.

One thing I Can say: have lunch or dinner at the bookclub. There is a pingpong table where one can play a game while waiting for the food. The drink menu looks like a bookmark, and the food menu is like a story. I will upload a photo of it as soon as I can (which might be a couple of days).

Anyway, Glasgow is a perfect place to go to live in a some sort of alternative way. It’s a great place for vegans and vegetarians, and reminds a bit of Malmö. Which is where my heart lives when my body is on the move.


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