Scotland – beyond the traps

Her scream made us all wake up from our trembling and whispering what if we actually SEE a ghost? Or, what if we DON’T? Our backs straight, nervous smiles. The group gathered around Ella. “Those of you joining the Dead and the Haunted, Please follow me.” before she started walking she bowed deeply. As if someone unseen would be unpleased if she didn’t.
We’re in Scotland, Emma and I. In Edinburgh to be more precise.

Ella was our guide for the evening. When Edinburgh reached the dark hours she took us on a tour into the old vaults, telling stories from the history and pointing out where the ghosts generally are seen. The spot is regarded as one of the most haunted places in Britain. And Britain is very haunted, right?

Now inside the vaults, we didn’t feel anything weirder than usual. One of the members of our group said he could feel someone stroking his arm, and as we came back up in the fresh air another one said that (he was supposed to be the last one up) someone was following him as we all left.

Someone who is really sensitive might sense something down there, but for those who aren’t it’s still worth it. I’m not gonna retell all stories from there here, you should rather go on the tour and listen to them yourself. Ella is a perfect guide, her voice and appearance makes you believe anything she says.

Soon our radio show from the ghost-tour will be broadcasted in the swedish radio. Keep your ears open.


One thought on “Scotland – beyond the traps

  1. Åh gud var läskigt! Jag skulle garanterat ha skitit ner mig. Men det lät ändå väldigt intressant. Jag bara måste till Skottland nån gång.

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