Hitch-hiking alone – in Norrland

Just the headline would make some people shiver. Alone. In Norrland. Hitch-hiking.
I’m visitng my friends in Hissjö this weekend, and today they went away to celebrate the birthday of a relative. This morning they dropped me in Umeå, I strolled the streets and checked out the city. It was a warm and sunny day (even though the first snow lay on the ground this morning) and I had a nice time.
About 2 pm I wanted to get back home. I walked to the bus station and asked when the next bus to Hissjö would leave. The woman behind the counter thumbed a timetable and said “the next one, 6.10 pm.” I stared at her. “Are you serious?” she checked again. “Yes, 6.10 I’m afraid.”
So I started walking.

Half an hour later I reached the outskirts of Umeå and put my thumb in the air as the cars went by. My friend told me yesterday that she usually pick up hitch-hikers here, because there are so few buses it’s pretty usual to see hitch-hikers along the road.
Fifteen minutes later I had a ride with a woman and her son. She totally understood the bus issue. “It’s so bad along this road, I had to take this one” she nodded towards her son “into town last night, there wasn’t a single bus.” I can see the similarities to the village where I grew up. Even though it might be eight times larger than Hissjö, it’s still very small and in the middle of nowhere and there’s hardly any bus going there.

As I came home, my friends cat escaped. He ran outside, I dropped my bag and ran after. “Texas! Texas! I don’t think you’re allowed out here, come back! Teeeeexas!” and I caught up on him down the stairs before he got out onto the fields. Inside my head I could see the scenes over and over again, him chasing mice on the field and me running around looking for him, and the neighbours wondering what the flip I was doing.
My friend will be home in a couple of hours, so now I’m going outside to take some pictures of the surroundings. It’s such a pretty village.


One thought on “Hitch-hiking alone – in Norrland

  1. Haha, jag har inte läst det här förrän nu. Du skriver så himla bra. 🙂
    Jag hoppas du har det bra på ditt äventyr och att du tar hand om dig. Jag hoppas vi kan ses när du kommer hem. Kram vännen!

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