Peace is possible

It’s easy to loose hope for the world, loose hope for politics and the goodness of people. But today, I read an article that made me feel proud for humanity, proud to live on earth. It’s about Mogadishu, and the hope for a future without war. You can read it here, if you don’t speak swedish: google translate. It’s called “Mogadishu on it’s way our of hell”. The headline is enough to start thinking, what is going on? What has been going on? What have we done?

Not just what have we done wrong, but what have we done to help? Not much. All of us could have made a change twenty years ago, but we didn’t. Did we learn something today? I don’t think so. Are we too afraid? Afraid of getting killed ourselves, yes. But as long as there is people and nations on this earth that are selfish we have to fight against selfishness, and that we can do at home.

Anyhow. I have a Peace-playlist on Spotify, if you want to listen you’re welcome and if you have some proposals of music that should be on it (I admit it’s a bit poor now) don’t hesitate to add and tell.

My next trip won’t be until January I’m afraid, which means this blog is going to be a little dead until then. But it’s worth waiting for. Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali and who knows where is to come. I’m gonna try to write about the preparations, but knowing myself there won’t be many preparations.
Go out in the world. Hitch-hike. Couch surf. Love. Live. Do it now.


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