H-H home again

My friend dropped me by the highway in the northern part of Stockholm at noon today. Five minutes later I had a ride with two guys, they had been living together for about six months. One of them used to work as a ballet dancer, but he was sick of never knowing what the close future would look like, would he have a job? Where would he be? What if he had to move to South Africa for a few months, he couldn’t make any plans at all. So he changed his profession.
As they dropped me outside Uppsala I had a lot to think about. Future. I don’t know at all what it will look like. I was thinking, what would it feel to know? Will I feel the same as him in a couple of years? I figured it’s impossible for me to know now, so I’ll just wait and see.

Outside Uppsala I waited for nearly fourty minutes. A french guy pulled over and I asked where he was headed. “I don’t know.” He said and shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sick of Stockholm, I wanted to see something different for a day. But I haven’t decided what yet.”
We talked a lot about Sweden, other countries, Europe, the Euro… until he finally decided he would check out Gävle, so he dropped me by the highway there and fifteen minutes later I was in a truck.

It took five hours to hitch-hike from Sundsvall to Stockholm, and it took five hours to hitch-hike from Stockholm to Sundsvall. Some of the guys I had a ride with had been hitch-hiking themselves a bit, but they have almost given up on Sweden. No one stops for them, they have to wait for hours and hours by the road. One of them had to sleep under a tree in fall while the temperature almost had him pass out. I guess both sexes has their advantages, girls definitely has an advantage in hitch-hiking. But thinking about the past six months, there’s only two girls who has picked us up. Why is that?


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