Stockholm, and The Ark

Yesterday I met one of my old friends for dinner, we had a long chat and a really nice time. Both of us sick though, like everyone else at this time of year. After our dinner I went to meet another old friend, Kim (who showed me and Jiaxin around in Stockholm last may), we set up a tent in a forest just north of Stockholm and tried for an hour to make a fire. But it was just too wet.

As I woke up in the tent this morning, I felt that I didn’t want to see The Ark tonight. I felt I had my good bye in Hamburg, and I didn’t want to see their last show. There were just too many feelings inside of me, I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to feel it, experience it.
But anyway I went there. I met Patrick, who also went to Hamburg, and we had a nice walk around the town for a while before entering Gröna Lund where the concert would take place.

It wasn’t the best show with The Ark, but it was far from their worst. It was a nice good bye. I cried much less than in Hamburg, where the whole concert was more personal and intimite than here. Now there were fifteen thousand people infront of the stage, and more wanted to get in but it was full, they closed the entrances more than an hour before the concert. When we went to wait by the stage there were already many rows of people sitting there.
As the crowd sang “it takes a fool to remain sain” some girls with tears all over their faces, make-up dripping from their cheeks, had to be removed from the crowd because they couldn’t take the fierce ache that pinched into (I believe) every heart of the audience.

The last chant that night wasn’t “aa-a-aa-aa” or “do do do do, what you wanna do, don’t think twice do, what you have to do”, but it was “We are The Ark, We are The Ark” as Ola Salo, the singer, asked everyone to feel proud because The Ark is in every one of us. They are not gone. We are all The Ark.
Thank you for these years. And good bye The Ark.


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