H-H Sundsvall to Stockholm

There is a lot about The Ark now, I know. But friday the 18th is their last concert ever, and it’s gonna be in Stockholm. Of course I went there.
I was still kinda sick (I’ve been sick ever since Hamburg) coughing like an idiot from time to time. But I decided I would hitch-hike, by myself for the first time ever.

I overslept and didn’t get down to the road until 11:40 am. It would take at least five hours to get to Stockholm, and I was supposed to meet my friend there around five pm. At 12 the first car stopped, a hunter on his way back home after a few days of hunting just north of Sundsvall. He would give me a ride to Gävle.
I took a seat in the front seat and we talked for a while. He was nice and it felt good. Until I suddenly remembered what happened a couple of years ago, a man picking up a girl on his way back from hunting. He shot her and burried her body in the forest. I thought about sending a text to my friend with all I knew about the man (his name, where he lives, where he works… I realised I knew a lot about him) but instead I decided to stop being paranoid and trust the man.

He dropped me outside Gävle and a couple of minutes later a guy pulled in beside the road. He picked me up and drove me to Tierp, where a young guy in about my own age stopped. He studies ecological farming and how to survive without modern technology, as how to store meat without a freezer or fridge and live entirely from nature. He’s going to San Sebastian (where Jiaxin and I hitch-hiked to in july) when he finish school to look for some land to start his farm.
Both of us are very spontaneous and have some difficulties to decide what to do. Both of us were meeting our friends at five pm, it was now quarter past four. He in Norrtälje, me by Stockholm central station. He asked where I wanted to get dropped off, if I wanted to continue hitch-hiking or catch the train from Uppsala to make sure I would make it. I couldn’t make up my mind, and asked him what would be the most convenient for him. To drop me by the highway, or to take me all the way into the central station in Uppsala. None of us could make up our minds, but then he turned off the road and said “well we’re on the road into the center now, so I’ll take you there. Or do you wanna get off here? No I’ll take you to the train, it will be better for you. Then at least one of us will be in time for our friends. Ok, let’s go to the train. Here we go.”

As I got out of the car he turned up the volume of the radio and said “whenever you hear this song, you will think of me. Ok?” Of course I will! He’s as crazy as I am, I’ll never forget about him.

I bought a train ticket, and ten minutes later I was on my way to Stockholm. I arrived at twenty past five, just in time to meet my friend.


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