I went to Hamburg to see The Ark, explore the city and couch surf.
Now, the city was not at all like I’ve always thought. Grey, concrete, city-like. When the airport shuttle entered the city, there were some colourful houses. There were trees, and grass! Honestly, I was surprised. I jumped off the bus at the main bus station and went to buy something to eat while I waited for my friends.
I went up the largest street I could see in the area that seemed to have stores of all kinds. I quickly found a food market and bought some bread and honey. My throat was sore so I thought honey would do some good things to it.

The air on that street was different from the one by the bus station. It seemed heavier, more worried and it was like a suppressed fright was lying underneath the layers of cigarette smoke and strong dark coffee. I stopped and sucked it into my lungs for a while. Then I went back to the station and sat down on the ground to eat.
Patrik and Lovisa came shortly afterwards and we went to meet Chris who would host us that night, and come with to the concert.

That night we got to see the night life in Hamburg by a local. We went to a bar called Rosie, met a mad swedish guy who just moved to Hamburg to become an austronaut (and it turned out he’s a friend of a guy from my hometown).

The next day Patrik and Lovisa left early for Berlin, while my host and I slept for another four hours or so. We had breakfast on the balcony, some great german brötchen, cheese and tea. During the afternoon he showed me around Hamburg, and I must say: Hamburg is not like any other city I’ve been to this far. It’s both the architecture, mood, the fact that it’s huge but still feels small. As we passed the street shwere I had bought my bread and honey the day before, he told me that’s a bit dangerous street. “Prostitution and strange affairs and … yeah, you know. Bad stuff. It’s not a very good street.” That explains the hard and different atmosphere.

I was feeling weary during the whole day, and my host told me he was a little hang over. We didn’t speak much, but I appreciated the places he showed me. Once I came back to Sweden I got really sick, the sore throat was just the beginning of a horrible sickness. Today I am getting better, but I’m still feeling far from good.


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