It’s not the goal of getting there. It’s the road that’s worth it. Just as with everything in life. It’s not where you go that teach you stuff, it’s the path you walk to get there.
The path to the top of Kebnekaise is sometimes full with water, sometimes stoney and sometimes the path dissappears for a while just to reveal itself again on the other side of that river. Somtimes you have to jump from stone to stone, sometimes wade in water. Some parts of the path is the same as the brook, so do not forget good shoes if you plan to walk here.

It takes about 12 hours to trek from the mountain lodge to the top and back again. Start early morning, I never made it to the top because a thick fog came in by mid day. I turned back, admired the surroundings and drank of the water. The water in the rivers in Norrland (“North land”) is the best you get. The air the freshest. The woods not untouched but still the cary a spirit of an old land. Norrland. The northen land of Sweden. I love you.


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