So many possibilities

There are so many possibilities to come, and I do not know how to make up my mind. I guess I can’t, I have to go with the flow and see where I end up.
The plan is:
In january I’m going with my friend on the desert challenge, and after that I’m gonna learn french, some new stuff about life, and how to make a living form nature it self or help people with something or do something else that is nice and fun.

Soooooo… I will either go to France and WWOOF next spring, right after the challenge. Or, I will continue from Mali to Sierra Leone to work as a volunteer at a farm (though there is a farm in Kenya where I really want to work for a while, but it’s kinda the wrong direction for me at that time).
I won’t learn french there, the farm is english-speaking just as the rest of the country. So instead, I could go to Senegal for the same purpose. Though there are only three WWOOF-farms there, and none of them seem appealing to me. They don’t do what I want to learn.

An other option is to go to Canada to WWOOF there in a french farm. I’ve never been to America, I’m sure it would be a great experience. Though I’ve been thinking I won’t go there until I want to visit south America, and take it all at once to reduce the pollution of me flying more than once back and forth between the continents. So, it really should be Africa or Europe because that’s where I want to be the next few approaching years.

So what to do? Where to go?
I know, it’s such a waste thinking about these stuff now as I won’t follow any of the plans I make now anyway. But still, it’s satisfying for my travel-hunger. Thinking about travel is better than nothing.

Another thing I really want to do, is to go to South Africa and spend a whole lot of time with my old (and new) friends.

Anyway. In a few weeks I will climb the mountain Kebnekaise in Sweden.


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