Morocco – Algeria border might open

The border between Morocco and Algeria has been closed since 1994. Today the king of Morocco, King Mohammed, said that he wants the border to open. If he get’s his will through, it will once again be possible to travel between the countries in a legal way.
You can read more about it here.

Algeria is a country that always has caught my interest. It’s huge. Mysterious. Sandy. With a coastline I have no idea what it looks like. It’s only about 600 km from Tangier to the border to Algeria, which is now the largest country in Africa as south Sudan has become it’s own.

This country has more than desert to offer, there are roman ruins which hasn’t been seen by many tourists, and there is a city which was an early center of christianity. I’ve heard about still well perserved baths, thousands years old. The city is called Hippo Regius and was originally built by Phoenicians and then belonged to Carthage. During Ceasars time it was a flourishing market town, staple place for all Romes’ business with Africa. The bishop lived there during the christian times, and Augustinus died there in year 430. In year 967 it was overtaken by the muslims and a lot of the history was destroyed.
To me, just the fact that the city has a thousands of years old history makes it worth a visit.


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