The trip

Saturday: Malmö – Göteborg – Milano (train + plane)
Slept: on a couch in Milano

Sunday: Milano – Nice – Avignon (train + hitch-hiking)
Slept: in a bed at a hostel in Avignon

Monday: Avignon – Carcassonne (hitch-hiking)
Slept: couchsurfed in a tent in Carcassonne

Tuesday: Carcassonne – Bordeaux (hitch-hiking)
Slept: couch in friends’ flat in Bordeaux

Wednesday, Thursday: relaxing in Bordeaux
Slept: the same couch as tuesday

Friday: Bordeaux – San Sebastian (hitch-hiking)
Slept: couchsurfed in a home-made bed on the floor in San Sebastian

Saturday: San Sebastian – Madrid (bus)
Slept: nothing, at the airport

Sunday: Madrid – Brussels – Göteborg – Malmö (plane, plane, train)
Slept: at home! In my own dear lovely amazing bed.


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