In Bordeaux

We walked around the city, admired churches, the old bridge and went up in a tall tower were the bells used to ring. Each bell weighed eight ton, unluckily they have been removed. Why, I don’t know. We were both tired and talked about when to move on. I want to go to a small town in north Spain and spend a day or more in the mountains, but since we don’t yet have accommodation there Jiaxin doesn’t think it’s a good idea and it’s better we stay in Bordeaux one more day and rest until we feel strong enough to move on again. So on Friday morning we will start hitch-hiking again, to Madrid. We have two days to get there. Otherwise we will miss our flights.

In the evening Jiaxin and I cooked Swedish food for the Asians we live with here in Bordeaux. We just finished the meal, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We made meatballs, potato pancakes and salad. We served it with knäckebröd and black currant jam. It was amazing.
When Jiaxin asked me earlier today what I wanted to eat, I felt that I really wanted Swedish food. It’s been a long time since I had something truly Swedish, so we decided to make a real culture-exchange. Yesterday, Chinese dinner. Today, Swedish dinner. In France.


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