Hitch-hiking to Bordeaux

Outside Toulouse we were lucky. A woman stopped and took us all the way to the center of Bordeaux. We went into McDonald’s and used the bathroom. McDonald’s saves us all the time. Because they are everywhere, we hardly ever have to worry about where to find a toilet. If we’re on the country-side it’s almost always possible to sit in the grass or forest somewhere and in a city there is always McDonald’s with either free toilets or it’s possible to get inside without paying because people always go in and out. Though some doors can’t be locked without paying, but since we are two one of us can always stand guard outside. Thank you, McDonald’s. We don’t like your food, but you do make good toilets.

We met Jiaxins friend by the tramway and went shopping for Chinese groceries. We would meet her friends and make a hot-pot. My first real Chinese dinner. I enjoy sitting in a room full of people talking another language. It is like meditation, I can relax and listen and not having to understand because I can’t. One of the girls, Annie who was the one that actually lived in the flat, came from Canada so she spoke fluent English. All of the people there were exchange students from China, I believe we were about eight or nine people in a flat not larger than a shoebox. There wasn’t much space to walk on, but who needs that?
Annie asked if I eat with chopsticks, and said that she has a fork if I need one. But no, I managed quite well I believe. At least I dropped nothing and finished my food. “Is it too spicy for you? You want to try some and taste so it’s not too much?” Annie asked. I tried some, and no, I’m used to spicy food even though I’m western.
Everyone helped making the hot-pot, and as the first pot was empty they put more food into it and made another one. And another one. When all was finished, the dinner was finished and few went home but six of us stayed there. I took the moment to update my diary and talk to my mum and some friends on facebook. And rest.

We slept at Jiaxins friend’s friends’ place. A family of three, a young boy of three and two adults from Malaysia. The mother used to work as a nurse in Malaysia and is very keen on staying clean. Before entering the flat we must take shoes and socks off, and clean our feet. We must wash our hands before touching anything in the house. They are very kind and we are so thankful for their hospitality.


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