Hitch-hiking at home

Last night a friend and I were “ghost-hunting” in Broby. Exaggerated as we were, we went quite far and missed the last bus home. With no cars in sight, the time being past midnight a sunday night on the country side of Skåne, we started walking back to Kristianstad where we for the moment share an apartment. A quick estimation told us we would be home at about four am (and I had to go back to Malmö at seven am).

Every time a car passed by I stood still by the road with the thumb up. In fifteen minutes five cars drove by us, no one showing any signs of stopping. We walked past some black and white cows, some lying in the grass sleeping and others standing up staring at us; two strange people walking on the road in the middle of the night. I think the birds were sleeping, everything was very quiet. Even the wind. Lucky us, it’s been a while since the last rain so the air was warm and not as humid as last week. It was a pleasant walk.

It was dark, the sun had set and the road lacked artificial light, who would pick us up? It was exciting.
When suddenly a car went by, and made a quick braking in front of us, I recognized those happy feelings dancing inside of me. The same feelings as every time a car stops. They never change.
We ran up to to them as they started reversing and the passenger winded down the window.
“We’re going to Kristianstad,” I said. The driver waved her hand towards us and said “well, jump in then!” and we squeezed ourselves in the backseat with the third person in the car.

I never stop being amazed by how amazing people that drive along these roads all day around. It took us about half an hour to get a ride in the middle of the night in the country side of Skåne, Sweden. A girl and a boy, walking along the main road between Broby and Kristianstad, talking to the cows.

Life is amazing. And, we got home at one am instead of four.


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