Tuesday: arriving Paris

As we arrived in Paris we went to the suburb Vincennes to meet our couch surfing host, Charly. We sent him a text saying we were a little late as it took longer than we thought to get our train-tickets. He replied “Oh, I actually forgot you were coming today. There is a café opposite the castle by the station, I will meet you there in an hour and a half.”
We found our way to the station, not all sure we got off at the right one since there were two called Vincennes. We could not see any castle, but yet there was a building looking more like a prison that might be called a castle among the locals. We found a café bar and sat down.

But he didn’t show up.

After two hours I sent him another text telling him where we were, making sure we were at the right place. It took almost another hour before he replied “yes, it’s the right place, there is a McDonald’s close by. I’m there in ten minutes.”
So we walked towards McDonald’s, asking some guys for directions. As we found it there were three people standing there, two travelers and one other guy. I asked if they were waiting for two lost couch surfers, the man said “no, what is that?” and I thought my word, where is that guy? Tim started talking to him and the man presented himself as Charly. What? That’s the name of the one we’re supposed to meet. I thought for myself.
It was not only the name they had in common, it was the whole existence. I quickly learnt that Charly is a funny guy with a heavy load of never ending jokes, and that one should not take his words any more serious than a clown. We would have some awesome evenings, nights and mornings together. Because no one knows how to party like Charly. That is true.

The two travelers were couch surfers and hitch-hikers from Germany, the same town as some of the germans Jiaxin and I met while going to Amsterdam.


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